Why use the auction method of marketing to sell your property?

A professional, well managed,
and promoted real estate auction
is an exciting

Here are ten good reasons why . . .

  1. Real Estate auctions guarantee a sale date, a price and a closing date. Traditional marketing methods offer no guarantees.
  2. Real Estate auctions don’t put a ‘price tag’ and therefore establish a maximum price for your property.
  3. Real Estate auctions will often generate a higher price for your property than it would have sold for using traditional methods of marketing because of the competitive bidding process.
  4. Real Estate auctions ‘compel’ buyers to participate, take action and buy now.
  5. Real Estate Auctions create excitement, urgency and competitive buyer participation for your property, which results in a higher selling price.
  6. Real Estate auctions eliminate the hassle of negotiations on everything except the top market price for your property.
  7. Real Estate auctions offer preset tour dates and they eliminate the need for inspections and any contingencies.
  8. Real Estate auction marketing your poperty not only on a local and national level but globally, which exposes your property to more interested and qualified buyers increasing competition and prices.
  9. Real Estate auctions work when the client wants to sell their property in the shortest time, at the highest price with terms and conditions favoring the seller.
  10. Real Estate auctions work when you use the services of a professional, experienced and reliable team!

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